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Sedation Dentistry — Westerville, OH

Get the Dental Care You Need with Sedation Dentistry

If you’ve ever canceled a dentist visit because of fear or anxiety, don’t overlook the option of sedation dentistry. Dr. Augusto Fojas understands that fear of dental visits can hold you back from getting the treatment you need. We offer several sedation dentistry services to make your visits more comfortable and manageable.

Sedation dentistry comes in many different forms. We can customize your sedation treatment plan depending on your level of comfort and the procedures you are having. Please talk to us about sedation during your next visit!

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry:

  • No harmful side effects
  • Easy to administer
  • Makes dental visits manageable
  • Get timely treatment
  • Minimal cost
Sedation Dentistry Makes Every Visit More Comfortable
woman being sedated for the dentist

Our Sedation Dentistry Options

Nitrous Oxide

One of the most popular forms of sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide is an odorless gas that is breathed in through a mask. It can help you feel calm and comfortable within minutes, allowing us to proceed with treatment. We can control the level of sedation easily and you’ll return to normal when the gas is stopped.

Local Anesthetic

We can perform a number of dental procedures with local anesthetic. Numbing the cheek area, gums, or teeth with local anesthesia makes it easier to perform more aggressive cleanings, do fillings, and perform other types of dental work. Dr. Fojas will tell you where he might be using topical numbing gel or injections to numb the treatment area so you know what to expect. In most cases, the numbing effect lasts for a few hours.

Oral Sedation

Patients who experience high levels of fear and anxiety during dental visits can benefit from oral sedation. Anti-anxiety medication, taken about an hour before your appointment, can help you feel very calm and relaxed before, during, and after treatment. We do recommend making arrangements to have somebody drive you to and from the clinic with this type of sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry can make dental care that much more manageable. Learn more about sedation dentistry options by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Fojas today.

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