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Person undergoing laser dentistry therapy

Laser Dentistry — Westerville, OH

Near-Painless, Cutting-Edge Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers have recently revolutionized the way we perform many dental procedures. Laser dentistry is safe and effective for many treatments and can be used for adults, children and teens. Our dentist, Dr. Augusto Fojas, has received extensive, unique training to utilize this technology, and is proud to offer our patients a more comfortable alternative to traditional dentistry procedures.

If you need treatment for cavities or have a ‘gummy smile’, talk to Dr. Fojas about laser dentistry treatments. We perform several laser procedures that can help improve the health your smile. Schedule your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Fojas today.

Benefits of treatment with our Solea laser:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Less discomfort
  • Minimal downtime, bleeding or swelling
  • No scalpels or invasive techniques
Near Pain-Free Laser Dentistry Procedures
woman having a check-up after laser dentistry treatment

Minimally-Invasive Laser Dentistry is Widely Universal

  • We can use the Solea Laser to treat cavities without anesthesia. We can safely remove cavities using the precise laser device to restore your smile.

  • The Solea laser can help remove overgrown tissue with minimal bleeding and discomfort.

  • We can perform frenectomies, a procedure to remove a small amount of tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums, gently using the Solea laser without anesthesia. Patients have minimal bleeding and discomfort with the laser protocol.

  • We can easily remove any lumps or other soft tissue growths using the Solea laser. No incisions or scalpels are required.

  • We can reshape the gums to treat a ‘gummy’ smile with minimal discomfort, pain, and bleeding using the Solea laser.

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